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This Artist’s Tiny Cityscapes Prove That It Really Is A Small World

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City skylines look stunning from far away, but when we’re ripped away from this gorgeous sense of removal and thrown into the fray, those views give way to gritty street corners and gum-covered sidewalks. That being said, there’s something transformative about urban photography. Instead of capturing inspiring panoramas of postcard-worthy cityscapes from afar, these creators […]


It’s Safe To Say The Chicken Crossed These Road Because This Street-Artwork Is Mindblowing. Seriously, So Cool.

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Crosswalks have been stepping up their game since The Beatles took their iconic steps across Abbey Road all those years ago. Across the world, creative cities are adding a dollop of whimsy and a LOT of fun to their intersections with bright colors, friendly faces and even a few tricks on the mind. Take a look! 1. Montreal, Canada gets fishy. […]


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