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These 11 Inventions Are Beyond Brilliant. Why Can’t I Have Them All?

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There are new inventions being created and patented every single day. Some may be more useful than others. But, some are so brilliant, you’ll wonder why millions haven’t already been made. These great inventions can be on the practical side, or luxurious, and everything in-between. Whatever their purpose, they are amazing ideas and innovations.  1.) A […]


8 Super Useful Websites That Might Help You Get A Damn Thing Done

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Soothing audio salvation for those who hate noise. If you work in an open office, the struggle is real. View this image › Warner Bros. Noise is stressful. It hurts productivity and makes you miserable. For people who suffer from misophonia, noise can be a living nightmare. Luckily, help is at hand. Ambient sounds like […]


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