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‘Ewwww’! Let Susan Sarandon be clear: She doesn’t vote with her … you know

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Mind if we borrow that when you’re done? Because the mental imagery here is just … not pleasant: Via The Hill: Of course it’s insulting. Welcome to your precious Left, Susan. But seriously, was there not a better way to make your point? A better way than scarring us for life? Well, in any event, […]


‘Ugh’: Dems’ proposed Obama bumper sticker sparks facepalms, Photoshops

, , , , ,!/whads/status/469861897060483072 Ah, but alas. In order to be embarrassed, one must be capable of feeling shame. And the Democrats have no shame. Check out this bumper sticker they’re proposing:!/TheDemocrats/status/469849447284088832 Is this real life?!/mosesmosesmoses/status/469864021047644161 Seriously. How lame is this?!/brodigan/status/469863768256557056!/B_Helderop/status/469861319764897793!/benshapiro/status/469864068900470785 Let’s consider what kind of boss Obama is, shall we?!/LaurenC_Lux/status/469859427181289472!/moderncomments/status/469860404555186176!/TheBrandonMorse/status/469862825801023488!/dillon_abrams/status/469860688475983872 […]


David Axelrod praises Afghan voters; Warns of suppression ‘schemes’ at home

, , , ,!/LausDeo1791/status/452844240406867968 David Axelrod has praised the election in Afghanistan with the most asinine lack of self-awareness possible: Afghans defied threat of death to vote. Here's hoping Americans cast ballots in large #s this fall, defying schemes to make voting harder. — David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) April 6, 2014 People in Afghanistan can defy death threats in […]


‘Spinulation’: Earnest says 2014 ‘not a true national election’

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@WashTimes @instapundit So it totally doesn't count or mean anything, you guys. — Gary Taylor (@gtcanhelp) November 3, 2014 The White House isn’t feeling to well about tomorrow’s elections. First Joe Biden has already started talking about Republicans “compromising” and now Josh Earnest is saying tomorrow isn’t a ‘true national election.’ White House: Tuesday's vote […]


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