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Here Are The 9 Strangest Animals You Didn’t Know Exist. Some Of These Will Haunt My Dreams Forever.

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I’ve seen enough of the Discovery Channel to basically make me a zoologist. (See, I even know the official terms!) That’s why when I see any “crazy” animals my friends show me on their cell phone, I say thank you, but “been there, seen that.” But then one day I saw the following animals and my jaw […]


This Two-Nosed Dog Was Almost Put Down, But Now He Has A Chance At Happiness

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Our differences make us unique — heck, if we all looked alike, the world would be a pretty boring place. I mean, I just wrote a piece about a two-headed snake! …Which brings us to Toby. The Australian shepherd has two noses and because of that abnormality, he was about to meet an unfortunate and […]


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