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‘HAHAHAHAHA!’ This White House Obama Super Bowl ego-photo is hilarious

, , , , ,!/Matthops82/status/430022930190569472 Yes, thank you for the mock-gift that keeps on mockery-giving! Well, y’all knew this would happen; The White House tweeted out a photo of guess who on Super Bowl Sunday:!/a_ryan88/status/430029984120315904 Shocker! Not.!/PomsieATP/status/430025098209529856 Seriously. At least update the sidesplitting photos, guys. Well, the photo may be old, but the mockery never, ever gets […]


Forget ISIS, Hagel says DoD must be ‘pro-active’ on climate change

, , , , , ,!/RightGlockMom/status/521752781183791104 Radical Islam is on the march but our Secretary of Defense appears to be taking direction from White House juice boxers about national security issues. “A changing climate will have real impacts on our military & the way it executes its missions.” —Hagel: #ActOnClimate — The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 13, 2014 @WhiteHouse tone […]


‘Think you mean ‘impetus’: WH deletes, corrects failed attempt to quote President Blameshifter

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The White House Twitter feed slightly misquoted President Obama, who was speaking in Louisiana this morning: “Impotence for a better politics”? Missed it by THAT much. Eventually a correction was made: The bottom line of what Obama was getting at remains unchanged: That’s the general theme of this presidency. Read more:


How does Obama congratulate the US soccer team?


@WhiteHouse: Great. Since he has time on his hands could he now call Mexico and get our Marine back? @TimHowardGK @Clint_Dempsey @USSoccer — Dorothy Grissom (@DorothyGrissom) July 2, 2014 How many of you said, “By tweeting a picture of himself?” How about pictures of the people who actually achieved something. Don’t we see […]


Obama pivots from debunked contraception to debunked pay-gap narrative

, ,!/BobOsbourne/status/484046296647344128 This administration never met a fallacy they didn’t like.!/WhiteHouse/status/484043095542358016 Oh no. Poor Julia is going to be out almost half a million because of that lousy patriarchy.!/MitchWVU18/status/484043657821958145!/JButcavage/status/484043736775548928!/rfarahmand/status/484044169623523328!/rfarahmand/status/484050852009611266!/hotrocksyes/status/484045610002432002 Laser-like focus on divisive hype. Read more:


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