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Michelle Malkin calls out Whoopi Goldberg over comments about Dana Loesch

, , , , , ,!/michellemalkin/status/430791922911674368 As Twitchy reported, Whoopi Goldberg tried to distance herself from producers’ decision to invite Dana Loesch to guest-host “The View” earlier this week. Those conservative women are so icky, you know. Prodded by actress Elizabeth Perkins, Goldberg didn’t hesitate to take passive-aggressive swipes at Loesch. Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin wasn’t about to let that […]


Donald Trump saddened by free fall of ‘The View’

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When Donald Trump isn’t speaking atone of his huge campaign rallies, it seems he’s 1) live-tweeting someone else’s rally, 2) calling into a TV show, or 3) criticizing something as “very sad.” This afternoon, Trump tweeted his review of long, long-running talk show “The View,” which he actually referred to as “great” (once upon a […]


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