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Willie Robertson thanks 1D’s Liam Payne; Fans of both show support

,!/williebosshog/status/424999093417414656 Willie Robertson thanked Liam Payne of One Direction for his show of support for the “Duck Dynasty” family, which culminated in criticism of Payne as well as accusations of homophobia. For fans of both One Direction and “Duck Dynasty,” the Payne/Robertson interaction was a good mix:!/C0URTNEY99/status/425011168030494720!/BrandyWilmothKY/status/425013515674349568!/LuverStyles/status/425012580919558144!/ATodero/status/425015246399750144 *** Related: New tone […]


Sadie Robertson wows — again — on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [video]

, ,!/kellydale901/status/527129326542917633 In a special Halloween-themed night on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ conservative favorite Sadie Robertson, daughter of ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson, didn’t disappoint. Video from Sadie’s Twitter feed: Watch our dance from last night here! Thanks for all of your support and votes!!! — Sadie Robertson (@sadierob) October 28, 2014 // But the […]


Kendall Jones called racist, anti-gay for hanging out with Willie Robertson [pic]

, , ,!/_Kendalljones_/status/494119503199236096 Here’s a photo that’s sure to make members of the rage mob lose it: Texas college student and big game hunter Kendall Jones meets Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson. Here’s Jones’ full Facebook post: Had a great time hanging out with Willie Robertson the other night! It was fun sharing hunting stories with the CEO of Duck […]


‘Duck Dynasty’ star Willie Robertson is playing it safe this Independence Day [pics]

,!/JohnDavidOwen7/status/485112878530170880 Thanks to his assistant, Willie Robertson won’t be going hungry this Independence Day. But he’ll be keeping his distance from the grill.!/williebosshog/status/485086910683947008 Heh. Probably a good move to play it safe after his unfortunate mishap with an exploding pitcher of tea. Can we get an update on how his burnt legs are doing? […]


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