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You Hear These Phrases Pretty Regularly, But Did You Know Their Weird Origins?

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If you were ever called a “Jabroni,” you probably asked yourself: “What is a ‘Jabroni’? Where could that have possibly come from? Who even made up that word?” You’d be surprised to find out that a lot of the things you hear got their start from professional wrestling. Yes, that’s right. Pro wrestling has a litany […]


‘Dying laughing’: Russian wrestlers mock ‘girly man’ Obama’s workout

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WWE is now making fun of Barack Obama's leaked work out video. Game over, man. — Dennis (@dennisthecynic) June 10, 2014!/UsamanJason/status/476169585784553473 Yep. . @RusevBUL & I speak now. He's in an GOOD CRUSHING mood tonight… For Mother Russia !!!! #Rusevlegacy #RavishingRussian #RAW — LANA (@LanaWWE) June 10, 2014 She did speak and took advantage […]


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