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Could This Discovery Prove A Connection Between Nazis And Aliens?

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It might sound like the plot of the next terrible Indiana Jones reboot, but recent discoveries in a cave on Mount Bolshoi Tjach in Russia suggest that Nazis might have come into contact with extraterrestrials. Two devilish-looking skulls were recently found near a Nazi briefcase and map from the 1940s. It would be easy to […]


WTF? Writer says skip the movie ‘Fury’ — unless ‘you’re a fascist’

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Sold! MT @ReelChanger FURY is the most sadistic, jingoistic, and militaristic movie I've seen in a long time. — Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) October 10, 2014 Writer Noah Gittell is not impressed with the new Brad Pitt movie, “Fury,” about a U.S Army tank crew fighting in Germany during the closing weeks of WWII: FURY is the most […]


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