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WH to take no disciplinary action for outing of Kabul CIA station chief

, , , ,!/Wodeshed/status/476871824320393216 Last month, when President Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan, a pool report containing the name of the CIA’s station chief in Kabul was sent to more than 6,000 email addresses. The station chief who was “outed” reportedly had to leave the country. A review of the “outing” has been completed:!/ZekeJMiller/status/476866681806262272!/jaketapper/status/476870759265370112 […]


‘Just sick’: Obama says it’s Congress’ fault he has to resort to executive action

, , , , , , ,!/BiasedGirl/status/483689994813317120 Poor Obama. It’s just not easy being him. POTUS ventured into the Rose Garden this afternoon to reiterate the importance of passing immigration reform and castigate those pesky congressional Republicans for failing to make it happen. Just pass that “darn bill” already!!/ZekeJMiller/status/483690767169646592!/elisefoley/status/483690872823758848 Serious, you guys. Because if there’s one thing Obama hates, […]


Chris Christie issues Bridgegate statement; Lapdogs pounce

, , ,!/BecketAdams/status/421030705683234817 Didn’t have to wait long. With speculation running high about his role in the developing “Bridgegate” scandal, Chris Christie has issued a statement:!/ZekeJMiller/status/421031767005757440!/ZekeJMiller/status/421031929170116609!/ZekeJMiller/status/421031981414350848 What happens next?!/redsteeze/status/421032101551415296 Surprise! Media lapdogs aren’t wasting any time in framing it just right:!/MarkHalperin/status/421033224085991424!/AaronBlakeWP/status/421033669563019264!/mattyglesias/status/421032585075392514!/goldietaylor/status/421031958924099584 So, basically, Christie’s comments on a scandal are […]


President Obama adds ‘immigration rights’ to Labor Day speech

, , , , , ,!/ZekeJMiller/status/506522607156736001 Time’s Zeke Miller noted that during a Labor Day address Monday in Milwaukee, Wisc., President Obama added “immigration rights” to a list that includes women’s rights, workers’ rights, civil rights, voting rights, and gay rights.!/ZekeJMiller/status/506522796919631872!/conncarroll/status/506525184074186752!/lamblock/status/506526114659840000!/beingJayne/status/506527165832499200!/lorihoeksema/status/506526761891688448!/DRussell76/status/506523611965173761!/yo60640/status/506527195230396416!/cindykilkenny/status/506528130535018496!/StarCoreOne02/status/506526168729018369     Read more:


Spin machine, activate! Another WH spox parrots pathetic hooker scandal spin

, ,!/pkcapitol/status/520052836508643329 As Twitchy reported, White House press secretary Josh Earnest totally got his pitiful spin on after the Washington Post exclusive on the Obama administration’s cover-up of an aide’s involvement in the secret service hooker scandal. And true to form, here comes the same spin parroted by other members of the White House team. [email protected]: […]


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