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‘The disconnect is stunning’! Obama on #MH17: ‘Looks like it may be a tragedy’ [Vine]

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President Obama traveled to Delaware today to give a speech about his commitment to rebuilding our infrastructure (well, after he finished his burger). So, what did he have to say about the reports of the Malaysia Airlines crash?!/NoahCRothman/status/489835141481897984!/derekahunter/status/489835194765959169

Well, that’s not entirely true. He also said this:!/ZekeJMiller/status/489835327327309824!/SooperMexican/status/489837918132113410

“Looks like”? Surely he could’ve chosen stronger language than that …!/mchastain81/status/489835432608555009!/AsheSchow/status/489835091799990274!/sistertoldjah/status/489835271559843840!/TXTrendyChick/status/489835055347290113!/Matthops82/status/489835604369096704!/Matthops82/status/489835020454875138

Now, we’re willing to concede that the pressure on him to say something comforting or profound was enormous, and we wouldn’t envy being in his position:!/AsheSchow/status/489835271173574656

But the fact that he barely took a breath before launching into yet another GOP-bashing, joke-laced campaign speech is disturbing, to say the least.!/garysteveneaton/status/489835779120578561!/mviser/status/489835758656962560!/derekahunter/status/489835331290529792!/McCormackJohn/status/489838568366686208

And he’s got a pair of fundraisers tonight. Because of course.!/drawandstrike/status/489835924293816320



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