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‘The links have been sequestered’: How we coped with Twitter’s ‘Great Link Massacre of 2013′!/lachlan/status/322351605657780224

An event which will live in infamy. RT @lachlan: Where were you during the Great Link Massacre of 2013?

— Dr. Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) April 11, 2013

Hold us. We’re still trembling from the horrifying memory of those dark, dark minutes when links in tweets produced this:

[email protected]twitchyteam #Twitter Fail even without the whale! all URL links are broken…

— Raphael Gluck (@einfal) April 11, 2013

Twitter: Links? We don’t need no stinking links!

— John Sexton (@verumserum) April 11, 2013

Twitter links only malfunctioned for a brief period on Thursday morning, but the devastation will never be forgotten.

What will we do now without links to tether us to reality? The horror! The horror!

— Ruxandra Grecu (@trifoi) April 11, 2013

I had so many links to share that reinforced my political and opinions I didn’t know what to do. So I read out my tweets and cried instead.

— Scott Bryan (@scottygb) April 11, 2013

Here’s how some link-hungry Twitter users spent the Great Link Massacre of 2013.

#BrokenLinks #ObamasAmerica

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) April 11, 2013

Oh man, without working links (and, therefore, twitlonger), @realbrother0003 is really boned.

— Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) April 11, 2013

Dude, we still say “dial a phone number.” Change comes slowly. RT @lachlan WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL TWEETING LINKS?!

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) April 11, 2013

Twitter links worked under George Bush. #JustSayin

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) April 11, 2013

This is obviously the fault of the Democrats. #TwitterLinkFail

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) April 11, 2013

No. Bush’s fault. RT @biasedgirl: This is obviously the fault of the Democrats. #TwitterLinkFail

— Your Redness (@mchastain81) April 11, 2013

Breaking: Obama announces budget and immigration debates postponed until full congressional inquiry into broken twitter links conducted.

— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) April 11, 2013

Twitter URLs cause panic. The only links Obama cares about involve a putter.

— Razor (@hale_razor) April 11, 2013

You’re just going to have to deal with fewer links. #sequester

— Invisible Obama (@InvisibleObama) April 11, 2013


— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) April 11, 2013

Someone must have bailed out twitter links. #sequester

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) April 11, 2013

Any reports of cannibalism due to Twitter links being down?

— DrewM (@DrewMTips) April 11, 2013

REMEMBER THE LINKAMO!! RT @lachlan: Never mind. Links are back. Crisis averted.

— Not Not Matt (@mdrache) April 11, 2013

Some fortunate souls escaped the devastating Twitpocalypse. But guys? Nobody likes a show-off.

What’s all this broken links stuff about? They’re all working for me. Wait… does this make me “The Establishment?”

— Tommy (@FirstTeamTommy) April 11, 2013

Links are working fine for me….

— Your Redness (@mchastain81) April 11, 2013

What are people talking about re broken links? Everything I click is works just fine.

— LilMissRightie (@LilMissRightie) April 11, 2013

Think there were no winners in all this? Wrong:


— El SOOPer!! (@SooperMexican) April 11, 2013

Capitalism, baby!


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