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There’s Finally A New Aphex Twin Song, And It’s Excellent

1. If you’ve been walking around a cool neighborhood in a major city recently, you may have noticed the old Aphex Twin symbol spray-painted on a street corner.

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3. This is because Richard D. James is about to release Syro, his first new record as Aphex Twin in 13 years, on Sept. 22.

Why, yes, that is the complete budget for the album and its promotion on the front cover.

James never stopped making music but didn’t bother releasing any of it because, as he told Rolling Stone recently, “it’s a real ball-ache.” He was also concerned that no one was interested in his music anymore. “I kind of expected [my label] to say, ‘No, nobody actually buys any records anymore, mate. Sorry.’”

5. Anyway, the first song from Syro, “Minipops 67 [120.2][Source Field Mix],” is here, and it’s REALLY GOOD.

Like, worth-waiting-13-years-for good. Good-enough-to-justify-multiple-brackets-in-the-song-title good.

6. It is very much the kind of song that would make Thom Yorke want to dance.


But also cry, because no matter how hard he tries, he can’t make a song quite like this.

7. So yes, there’s a new Aphex Twin song and it’s fantastic. It’s like the ’90s never ended!


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