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These Items In Your Kitchen Need To Be Cleaned More Often Than You Probably Think

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If you think that your bathroom is the most bacteria-ridden part of your house, you are sorely mistaken. Sure, there is bacteria in there, but the place that takes the cake is not where you’d expect — the kitchen.

Here are some of the most unexpectedly dirty things in your kitchen. You need to make sure that these are clean if you want to live a healthy, uncontaminated life.

1. Reusable grocery bags — These bags can carry a ton of germs if you don’t give them a proper cleaning. You’re putting all of your food, produce, and meats in these bags. Those germs come with them.

2. Dishwasher doors — You would never think to wash these doors, but the bacteria in your dishwasher ends up on the door as well, so give it a good scrubbing every once in a while.

3. The tops of cabinets — The area above your kitchen cabinets gets super nasty because you never see it. Grab a step stool and clean it!

4. Knife blocks — If you put a semi-contaminated knife back into one of these things, bacteria can start growing inside the block.

5. Can openers — They get some gunk on them every time you open cans, so why would you just throw them right back into the drawer? Give your can openers a good cleaning along with your utensils.

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6. Knobs and handles — You touch these things with your contaminated hands all the time, so they deserve a little TLC.

7. Rubber spatulas — Bacteria gets caught in the area where the handles and the blades meet on these things, so make sure you clean them.

8. Blender gaskets — All that stuff you’ve been blending to make your healthy and delicious smoothies can cause a lot of bacterial buildup if you don’t wash the blender gasket properly.

9. Refrigerator — You need to get in and scrub all around your refrigerator if you want to make sure it’s clean. Spills happen all the time, so make this a habit.

10. Cutting boards — Please, please clean your cutting boards. Germs hide out in every crevice, especially if you’re using wooden ones.

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11. Sponges — If you’ve been using the same sponge for months and months, you’re probably doing more harm than good when it comes to cleaning the dishes. Replace them as soon as they start looking or smelling funky.

12. Kitchen sink — If you’re not giving your sink a proper scrubbing now and again, you really are doing yourself a disservice. Because dirty dishes pile up in there, it’s important to stay on top of it.

13. Produce — People have been touching all of the produce you bought at the store. You really should wash it before you put any of that stuff in your mouth.

14. The drying rack — All of that bacteria from improperly washed dishes lives here, and it’s where you put your “clean” dishes. Not too smart.

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If you make sure that all of these areas of your kitchen are clean, you’ll be fine. Being lazy is the enemy, friends. In this case, it can make you sick.

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