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They Wanted More Closet Space, So They Transformed An Entire Bedroom Into One

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I’ve always wanted my own walk-in closet — but really, who doesn’t?

It would be so awesome to hang up all of my clothes in one place instead of shoving them into drawers. Unfortunately, I have no room in my house to make that dream a reality. That’s why I’m so jealous of what this couple did in their newly purchased home.

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Redditor Der_Dingel and his girlfriend really wanted some extra closet space, so they decided to use a whole room to build one. And a few weeks later, they had an amazing walk-in space that you’ll wish you had too.

They were already using this room for storage, but they didn’t like how cluttered it had become.

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So Der_Dingel began designing their dream closet and ended up with a solid plan.

They got right to work on the base by nailing down a frame.

Then they secured a few sheets of medium density fiberboard.

To create the closet sections, they began screwing in more boards to the walls and ceiling.

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Then they were able to attach vertical sections to the floor with dowel joints.

After they attached another board, the rest of the shoe rack was easy to screw together.

Thanks to his great design, it was simple to assemble the corner shelves.

Next, the couple built the drawer sections with dowel joints and used brackets to attach them to the wall.

To get maximum storage, they added more shelves on top of the sections.

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When all of the building was done, they sanded everything to perfection.

After four coats of paint, it looked amazing.

All they needed to do was to attach runners and slide the drawers in.

And of course, they screwed in plenty of railings for all of their clothes.

This turned out so beautifully!

You’d think that they hired a professional to do this.

I so wish I had room for one of these.

Maybe one day I’ll get to become as fabulous as they must feel while getting dressed. If you do have the space and want your own luxurious closet, you can find the full instructions here.

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