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They Were Just Walking Through A Parking Lot When This Nut Job Showed Up

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Hit-and-runs are no laughing matter, especially when they involve pedestrians. Even scarier than a regular hit-and-run is when the driver hits, runs, then comes back to hit again. That’s the terrifying situation that a group of pedestrians in the English town of North Walsham found themselves in late last month. They were making their way through a parking lot when a nut job in a blue Peugeot 307 drove toward the group.

The car made contact with a 30-year-old man in the group who flew 15 feet in the air. Luckily, the victim survived with only a broken pelvis and serious leg injuries. Still, that doesn’t make the CCTV footage of the incident any less harrowing.

Warning: This is alarming to watch:

(via BBC)

That is utterly terrifying. According to police, they have a 43-year-old suspect in custody, but they have not yet charged him with the crime.

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