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This Elephant Thought Her Human Buddy Was Drowning And Rushed To Save Him

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Traditionally, when it comes to animal rescue videos, you’ll find various creatures in all sorts of danger and their human saviors coming to their aid. This is not one of those videos.

When Kham Lha, a young elephant in Thailand, saw a human volunteer at the Save Elephant Foundation “struggling” to swim in the river, she did what any kind-hearted elephant would and rushed in to help save the man. Kham Lha began charging through the choppy waves, reached her human companion, and cradled him back to the shoreline.

Whoever says elephants don’t feel emotions needs to watch this!

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It’s refreshing to see animals getting the chance to be the hero for once. To find out more about the Save Elephant Foundation, you can take a look at all the good they’re doing by clicking here.

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