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This Hamster Makes Himself Adorably Comfy In An iPhone Case.

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The newest phone accessory trend in Japan is literally putting your device into sleep mode at night by tucking it into its own cozy little sleeping bag. Kind of weird, but also pretty adorable. It’s especially adorable if you happen to have a cute little critter who takes it upon themselves to curl up inside the perfectly sized comforter.

That’s what happened to Twitter user maimai who uploaded photos of her tiny pet hamster taking the opportunity to make himself comfy inside her case. 

Here he is checking out the digs…

Almost perfect…

Ahh, all nuzzled in for a nap.

I’m sure the adorable ball of fluff had some very sweet dreams! Pretty sure her phone has been evicted forever. You can check in on her Twitter to see if the little guy gets into any more mischief. 

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