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This Is Exactly Why You Never Try To Kiss A Snapping Turtle. The ‘After’ Photo Will Haunt Me.

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When dealing with dangerous animals, most people know not to put them right next to your face. Sharks, snapping turtles, tigers, badgers… all of these animals (and more) are just examples of what not to put near your mouth. However, there was one turtle owner who decided to disregard common sense and get up close and personal with his pet snapping turtle.

This Chinese man from the Fujian province was showing off his prized snapping turtle.


These animals are dangerous, equipped with pincer-like jaws. So, of course, he decided to kiss this little guy…


Resulting in THIS. Ouch.


These are the “after” photos of the same man in the hospital.


Hopefully this massively swollen lip will teach him never to get so close to a snapping turtle (or any turtle for that matter) again.


Hopefully, this guy wasn’t hungry for turtle soup after this encounter. As with most unfortunate animal attacks, he was the one at fault here. The turtle was doing what just came naturally to him: SNAPPING. Via Izismile Feel better, but try to keep your face away from turtles next time, guy! Share his ridiculousness and warn people: don’t put your face near snapping turtles.

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