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This Looks Like A Torture Chamber From Your Worst Nightmare. The Truth Behind It Is Arguably Even Worse.

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Think of an overpriced European apartment. Have it envisioned? Now, destroy whatever you’re thinking of with a sledgehammer. One of the most overpriced living spaces is one square meter in this frightening and seemingly-dilapidated apartment complex. It costs approximately 100,000 rubles (which is about $3,600) to occupy that space. It’s located in the middle of Vladivostok, Russia. You might not think that the world’s most over priced living space would be located in Russia. And you definitely wouldn’t expect it to look like this.

This is Vladivostok.

It’s not fancy.

It doesn’t even look clean.

But to live in this housing complex, you have to pay almost $3,000 per square meter, according to sources.

For this.

It’s a nightmare factory. And it’s at capacity.

There are parts of the world that are so polluted and ignored by their governments. This place seems to be abandoned…

But space in this housing complex is in high demand.

It’s not far from the borders of North Korea and China.

This building is located close to near universities, banks, supermarkets and night clubs in the city.

Lots of students and small families live here.

They pay out the nose for THIS.

Can you imagine fighting to live in this?

It would be hard to feel safe in your own home.


There are lots of factors that could contribute to this building and area being so expensive, but one thing is for certain: after seeing this, you’ll be happy to pay the rent that you do in the US. H/T: ILTWMT

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