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This NFL Player Made A Disabled Girl’s Life When He Did The Cutest Thing

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Steve Smith Sr. is an exceptionally talented football player for the Baltimore Ravens, and he has been making headlines recently for something that has nothing to do with the game.

Aubrey Bridges, an 18-year-old living in North Carolina, asked Smith to her prom. She suffers from autism and a rare disorder called vein of Galen malformation, which makes it incredibly difficult for her to speak. Needless to say, she faces adversity every day.

She saw a video of the football player dancing online and thought that he would be a great prom date. When the organization Dream On 3 caught wind of it, they knew that they could get him on board. He immediately agreed and asked Bridges to the prom himself!

As soon as Aubrey Bridges saw Steve Smith Sr.’s proposal, she said yes! Then she went on to have the night of her life.

The caring athlete presented Bridges with jewelry, flowers, and a limo. Once they arrived, they danced the night away!

The amazing girl even became prom queen.

To learn more about this incredible story, check out the video below.

(via WBTV)

We all love our favorite celebs, so it’s nice to see them pay it forward to the fans who admire them. Aubrey Bridges certainly got a lot out of the experience, but something tells me that Steve Smith Sr. walked away feeling even better.

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