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This Soldier in Afghanistan Broke Down into Tears. When You See Why, You Will Too.

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Private First Class Colton Romney was in Afghanistan when his wife Shannon went into labor and gave birth to his two precious twin daughters. An operating room nurse helped Colton witness the C-section via Skype. What you see below is his emotional reaction to his daughters entering the world. It’s no wonder this crying soldier is taking the internet by storm.

Another soldier captured the moment Colton saw his daughters for the first time.

Lauren and Liberty were healthy and beautiful baby girls that he was lucky enough to witness enter this world.

Colton broke down into tears of joy after his first daughter was born.

They got married a year and a half ago and the birth of their daughters wasn’t the first surprise they got while Colton was deployed.

He was overseas when they viewed their ultrasound results… and realized they were going to have twins.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It also makes surprises THAT much more exciting.

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