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This Urban Artwork Incorporates Nature In A Totally Unexpected Way. These Pieces Are Incredible.

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If you’re an urban artist, you don’t get a lot of opportunities to work with nature. Luckily for us, the ones whose work is featured below didn’t squander their chance to work with some plants for once. These pieces will be a pleasant surprise to even the most experienced metropolitan, if only because they involve greenery that’s growing within city limits. Check them out!

1. Mama bird feeding.

2. Someone could use a haircut.

3. I wonder what the rent is like there.

4. Should he be flying his kite in the rain like that?

5. Sure.

6. Peekaboo.

7. Just taking the ol’ cow for a walk, as city folk often do.

8. Cities always have the strangest parties going on.

9. What’s on your mind?

10. He’s a maniac!

11. Jimi Hendrix.

12. If only!

13. That comb really works wonders.

14. Calvin & Hobbes.

15. Up, up, and a stay.

16. With all of the surrounding concrete, it’s a good thing ostriches don’t actually put their head in the ground.

17. Everyone looks better in the spring.

18. Playing with her dragons in the lush grass.

19. Whoa. What kind of fertilzer are you using?

20. Nature sure is beautiful.

(via: bored panda) Amazing! Just imagine what these artists would be capable of coming up with if they were out in the country. On second thought, all of the material they’d have to work with might be overwhelming. Plus, spray paint doesn’t exactly “pop” off of bark. Share this post using the button below.

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