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Top 20 #WaysToGetShot!/BigTiggerShow/status/186819426815967232!/mike_theman101/status/186823724203376642

#WaysToGetShot Talk smack about Justin to a Belieber

— Jack (@IamJackyBlack) April 2, 2012

Touching my screen when I'm texting. #WaysToGetShot

— Alex Rocha (@MrAlexRocha) April 2, 2012!/mikepoole_10/status/186828353720942593!/flowsopoetic/status/186825772131028992

Flirting with what's mine #WaysToGetShot

— $olo (@Marc_Solo) April 2, 2012!/iTweetHPotter_/status/186808365656190976

#WaysToGetShot: Tell a black woman you're leaving her for a white girl!

— Abdullah ♏ (@ABoyToRemember) April 2, 2012

#WaysToGetShot sayin Lebron is better than Kobe

— (Agent 69) (@exzile69) April 2, 2012

#WaysToGetShot Put The Kool Aid Container Back in The Refrigerator With A Tiny Sip Left So You Dont Have To Make Any More

— Raphael De La Ghetto (@JayCuervo) April 2, 2012

#waystogetshot ask someone to shoot you, remember to say please too

— ♡♡♡♡♡ (@ashhxxxo) April 2, 2012

#WaysToGetShot playing cops and robbers in Philadelphia

— Steve Reilly (@SteveReilly57) April 2, 2012

Shout bomb in an airport #WaysToGetShot

— Michael Welch (@mycoolwelch) April 2, 2012

#WaysToGetShot be a twitter gangster.

— Callejo (@Kinder_Gardner) April 2, 2012

#WaysToGetShot Log into myspace.

— κιηg (@KrisTaughtHer) April 2, 2012

Photographers usually recommend the best #WaysToGetShot are smiling naturally, in good lighting, with your body slightly angled to the side.

— About Face Skin Care (@AboutFacePhilly) April 2, 2012

Putting in a new roll of toilet paper the WRONG way #WaysToGetShot

— Jorge Murillo (@GODlovesUgly04) April 2, 2012

“@weldalrifai: #WaysToGetShot Wake me up early in the morning 🔫”

— Yousef J.Y AlBaloul (@Yousef60_) April 2, 2012

#WaysToGetShot stop following me on twitter

— Prez is Back (@itsme_imapoet) April 2, 2012

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