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Trey Gowdy ‘honored’ to head Benghazi committee; Citizens encourage

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Speaker of the House John Boehner announced earlier that he has named South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy to head up a select House committee charged with investigating Benghazi.

A little while ago Gowdy sent his first tweet since that announcement:!/TGowdySC/status/463405489515003904

People interested in getting to the truth about Benghazi seem to believe that if anybody can do the job, it’s Rep. Gowdy:!/SonnyMaupin/status/463405727147499520!/ericdondero/status/463405965019070464!/Jointstudy/status/463406083667922944!/Shativali/status/463406163288403968!/bozeman251_adam/status/463406317638393856!/swaddle24/status/463406361196650496!/OneTermTooMany/status/463407325118611456!/hisnail/status/463418510161752064

Meanwhile, the opposition is reduced to pretending the economy is booming and Obamacare is awesome:!/Blob_Fish/status/463408819234537472

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