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Truth-boom! Hey, Cuomo: How many ‘extremists’ must stay out of NY now? [pic]

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Hmm. Funny that.!/YossiGestetner/status/426023762811953152

The lapdog media is far too busy to worry about pesky truth, what with all that ignoring of the March For Life today.

Twitter users were buzzing over various polls today that indicate Americans are trending more and more pro-life, contrary to what the Wendy Davis worshipping media would have you believe.!/Coondawg68/status/426010264429797377

62% extremists MT @jaketapper: CNN POLL
Abortion Should Be Legal In What Circumstances?
All 25%
Most 11%
Few 42%
No 20%— L (@OrwellForce) January 22, 2014!/NolteNC/status/425976789509636096


Where does this leave New York?!/kathrynlopez/status/426070079969566720

Remember, the jackass Gov. Cuomo said that “extreme conservatives” who believe in the right-to-life have “no place in the state of New York,” sparking a new “welcome to New York” sign.!/Doc_0/status/425996367941869568

Coming soon or will he instead continue his pitiful backpedaling?!/michellemalkin/status/425651745520234496

Stay tuned!


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