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Watch This Epic Footage Of Two Fierce Sharks Battling It Out Over Food

Great white sharks will chomp down on just about anything, though not usually each other — which is exactly what makes this insane video so unique.

While on a research trip 50 miles off the coast of Australia, 33-year-old Adam Malski recorded an epic battle between two great whites. His boat was trailing bait on a rope, leading some to believe that the larger shark, who they named Gilbert, was protecting his dinner. Although cannibalism among sharks does happen, it’s incredibly rare — and even rarer to catch on camera.

“Jaws” has nothing on these guys! The larger shark survived the attack, but the research team lost sight of the smaller one.

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I certainly wouldn’t want to come between Gilbert and his meal! Be sure to share this incredible video with those friends of yours who are obsessed with Shark Week.

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