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Well, This Guy Just Ruined It For The Rest Of The Male Gender. His Gift Can’t Be Topped.

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Reddit user Pulp-nonfiction wanted to give his girlfriend something special for Christmas, something that he had made himself. His step-father is a farrier so he borrowed his workshop to forge a beautiful steel rose for his girlfriend. Because a real flower withers, but this one will not. Just like his love for her.

With the help of his step-dad, who is a farrier, he decided to attempt to make a steel rose for his girlfriend as a Christmas present. These are the rose petal templates that he started out with.

There were five layers and they were first heated up so they could be textured with a peen hammer.

Texturing the petals.

Putting the petals on to the steel stock for the stem.

He basically just used an acetylene torch and a pair of pliers to slowly go through, fold and shape each petal. He says he had no experience before this, but once he got the hang of it, it wasn’t very hard.

Almost done!

Instagram shot his sister took of him hard at work.

Completed rose! Now all that was left was to add the leaves.

The leaves were made by his very talented step-dad. They required more skill than he could hope to have as a beginner.

Welding the branches to the main stock.

More welding…

All welded together!

This is the finished flower after they dipped it in transmission fluid to prevent rusting.

The final product in its vase. He says that his girlfriend didn’t believe that he made it at first until he showed her these pictures.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this guy has really raised the bar for the rest of us. Source: Share the romance with others below.

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