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When A Breast Cancer Walk Goes HORRIBLY Wrong, You Get This.

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When Dania Beach was on a charity walk to support breast cancer, something happened that no one could quite figure out. Not even her. We would say it’s embarrassing, but maybe it could happen to anyone.

Dania was on a charity walk to raise awareness for breast cancer when she got stuck in the most unbelievable place.

She was crossing a railroad bridge when it began to lift. How she was positioned seems to defy physics. Her strength is uncanny.

She couldn’t move as the two sides of the bridge moved upwards. Rescue crews were baffled by her situation but rushed to her side.

Shortly after, rescuers were able to lower the bridge and Danie was safe from her waking nightmare.

They say there’s no such thing as bad press, so she really did a great job raising breast cancer awareness. Share this yourself to raise awareness and donate.


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