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Which of these is #Obamas Fake Twitter Acct Name?!/Joe_Pasquini/status/306226952530956288

As Twitchy reported earlier, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney  had a little trouble explaining that the @BarackObama Twitter account isn’t really connected to the president at all — except those times when it is. When the president tweets from there, he signs the tweets “-bo.” But otherwise it’s just Organizing for Action, which is a totally independent organization. But the president’s followers are real, mostly. We’re not so sure about the newborn eggs lobbying for gun control.

So if @BarackObama isn’t Barack Obama, we’ll have to assume one of the following is #ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName.

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName SkeeterIn honor of always skeet shooting

— Richard Brod (@rgbrod1) February 25, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctNameNoodle arm#tcot…

— Fred Wimpy (@fredwimpy) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName The Tax Whisperer

— Angie (@Artist_Angie) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName Sponge Bob Sequester Pants

— Joe Pasquini (@Joe_Pasquini) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName – Ben_Ghazi

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) February 26, 2013


— Carrie P (@_CarrieP) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName ChoomMaster

— Parts For My Guns (@KentAtwater) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName @/YouDidn’tTweetThat

— RightNowOK? (@RightNow_OK) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctNameLet me be Clear

— wild pitch (@thewildpitch) February 26, 2013


— Tyler (@TylerLeleux) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName FastNFurious2008

— Yatish Parmar (@yatishparmar023) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName ActingStupidly

— Parts For My Guns (@KentAtwater) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName shovelready

— Shaun Jenkins (@shaunj_07) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName LessThanOptimal

— Jimmy Rock (@jimmyrock1125) February 26, 2013

#ObamasFakeTwitterAcctName “Present”

— TheaPilkington (@theapilkington) February 26, 2013

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