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While He Was Out of Town, A Guy’s Girlfriend Went Behind His Back. But What She Did Is Awesome.

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When this girl’s boyfriend went out of town, she decided to do something out of character and sneak around… all so when he came back, he’d get the surprise of his life. (However, it would be a good one.) He collects figurines, games, memorabilia and even has an arcade game. So, she was going to build him a man cave for all of his stuff.

She may be the best girlfriend in the world.

Her boyfriend would be out of town for 5 days, so she had to get working quickly.

He collected arcade machines, figurines, toys, etc, and really needed a place to put them.

The house they live in was old, so she replaced the floor and repainted the room.

Her brother was a carpenter so he helped finish the room.

He built the wall shelves from scratch (the wall was bare before).

After the surprise and he began to set up all of his figures.

This is what love looks like.

You know it’s true love when your girlfriend will encourage you to play video games and even make you a special place for it.


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