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Whiny Donna Brazile is reminded about Congress’ role in our government

, , ,!/virginiagirl91/status/508641450192805888

Donna Brazile is back to doing what she does best … or just does:  Whining about Congress.!/donnabrazile/status/508581260160434177

How dare that legislative branch actually do its job in carrying out checks and balances!!/Twin66/status/508586369766027264!/dougstafford/status/508587161361596417!/schneids333/status/508585740817928192

She continued:!/donnabrazile/status/508581335636905984

Just can’t get those Republicans off the golf course to act, can we? Oh, wait.!/Twin66/status/508586623559139329

Then she decided to start in on political ads in the south:!/donnabrazile/status/508673266832379904

And was quickly given a history lesson:!/conkc2/status/508674613866659840!/ImPoliticalWill/status/508674843416330240

[email protected]donnabrazile says "President needs to have the country behind him."

1) Since when has he had our backs?
2) Who can trust him to do right?— Jeff in WNC (@dahbigj) September 07, 2014



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